About Our Studio

Our Story

About Us: Feel the vibe. The EvolvCycle experience begins from the moment you walk through the door of our sleek and modern studio. We pride ourselves on creating a positive space where you immediately feel welcomed into our tribe. Every rider has a reason for showing up to class and we strive to acknowledge your purpose. Think of our studio as a “spa” in the front and “party”in the back. Yeah, sort of like a mullet. Our reception area has the serenity of a spa, while our cycling classes channel a spiritual party. Dark room, loud music, kickass instructor – you get the idea. We ride as a family and draw inspiration from each other. Each class will encourage you to unveil your authentic self and to push your bundaries in ways that may feel uncomfortable, but so worthwhile (we promise). If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Studio City is not only our hood, it’s our home. The people behind Evolv have been residents of the area for over 25 years and believe in the strong roots of community. We love to get to know our riders, especially on a first-name basis. Please introduce yourself!

About Cycling: Indoor cycling offers an unparalleled workout that not only challenges you physically, but mentally as well. Classes are designed for all levels, riders can adjust resistance as needed. Riders can expect to achieve a noticeable difference in their cardiovascular endurance, all while riding at their own pace to the beat of the music to keep you engaged. Cycling is considered a low impact workout and is suitable for riders with injuries or sensitive joints.

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